martedì 7 marzo 2017

monthly basic income on social Fabrizio Politi

CBI of Fabrizio Politi

L 'accumulation of capital is encouraging the growth of economic inequality between the rich and the poor, and this process must find an end.

The new social network "SixthContinent" realized by Fabrizio Politi and his team, facilitates consumer choice will be directed towards companies that generate wealth, discarding those which the pile without creating economic benefits for the community.

This is possible because Fabrizio Politi used the ' algorithm that is able to classify companies according to their inclination to move and redeploy the capital.

The algorithm chosen by Politi, works by maintaining enterprise features such as recruitment and remuneration of staff, creating a room that encompasses more than 500 companies including: Amazon, Coin, Alitalia, Tamoil, Trony, Carrera, Guess and many more of the most important in the world.

How does SixthContinent?

Anyone can sign up and be part of it, both as citizens and entrepreneurs and the network takes all the classic characteristics of a company such as those we already know, including facebook, twitter etc ...

The difference is that the SixthContinent citizen receives every day a citizen's income that can be used to buy products at all affiliated stores with a saving of up to 50%, increasing almost on their purchasing power.

The company created by Fabrizio Politi, even the entrepreneur / retailer has advantages: first of all he will have a basic income, also can retain more customers and thus will have an increase in sales, not to mention that even in this company can advertise their product by inviting citizens and shops.

The principal is always redistributed since each user will need to make at least one purchase (even if it's just a penny) each month otherwise loses the accumulated credit that will be distributed to all citizens who have spent more than 300 euro.

Fabrizio Politi has achieved its goal: the accumulation of capital of this company is not allowed, but every person and every company is awarded based on how much money re-circulates each month.

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