domenica 12 marzo 2017

What aims Politi with devising SixthContinent

The main objectives that Fabrizio Politi has placed in the new social Sixth Continent are mainly two:
·            Ensure a fair meritocracy a lle companies produce in a fair and transparent helping to regenerate the wealth instead of accumulating it,
·            Distribution a basic income to all members that promote the development of the project simply by taking advantage of its services.
The services offered by Sixth Continent are all those that offer over 500 thousand companies that have joined the company, which sell their products and services that can be bought by paying them up to 50% less for the remaining 50% will be paid with credit obtained thanks to the basic income.
It is just an idea, that of Politi, extremely simple due to the desire to redistribute wealth equally currently stagnates in a few hands, feasible idea without effort and without obligation.
Another key parameter to remember is that SixthContinent is free and always will be. To be part of this meritocratic economy is in fact no investment required, it will charge subscription.
Who wants to follow the intentions of Fabrizio Politi enrolling on Sixth Continent you will receive each month its citizen's income (which varies based on the purchases you make his fellow citizens). Other bonuses are given to active members as they make purchases, especially if you invite other users to join the company.
Also, before you make a purchase could occur if the company which are buying is "valiant" or not according to the parameters analyzed by an algorithm by which we can verify how much wealth the company makes available to the community.
L 'creator of the Social Fabrizio Politi has thought of everything, organizing the entire system in a simple app for smartphones and tablets that allows us to run the virtual payment of 50% directly in the store at the time of payment.

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