mercoledì 8 marzo 2017

Fabrizio Politi social economic network SixthContinent

Fabrizio Politi social economic network SixthContinent

Sixth Continent is a social economic network designed by Fabrizio politi created to help businesses, the more healthy than to repay their partners for investment, also add value to the market and the economy by paying taxes, adequate salaries and also investing in their territory. Its creator and founder is Fabrizio Politi The MoMoSy algorithm and basic income are the strong points of the project.

The first step of Sixth Continent to Fabrizio Politi has been creating MoMoSy algorithm, which calculates to thousands of companies around the world will a parameter that allows you to discriminate between companies that are speculating, and that absorb excessive wealth from the market and the healthy ones ie implementing a balanced distribution of the wealth produced between the shareholders and the economy in which part.

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